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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Bubble Necklace Needs to End

This is going to be unpopular (and feel free to tell me if/why I'm wrong), but I'm going to say it anyway. The Bubble Necklace needs to go away. If you're not sure what a Bubble Necklace is, here's J.Crew's version.


It's $150, so it has a lot of knock-offs. But that's not my issue with it. My issue with it is that it's supposed to be a statement necklace. Now, the sheer size of it makes it a statement, sure. The colors makes it a statement, true. What does not make it a statement is the fact that every girl and her sister are wearing it. When everyone starts wearing the same thing, the statement disappears and the fad shows up. I'm not a huge fan of fads.
My challenge to all you girls out there is to make a statement - a statement that really reflects who you are, that sets you apart from all the rest of the girls. Because each one of you is incredibly special and gifted and has something to offer. Get out there, out of your "Bubble," and be original. Invest a little in what you wear as your statement piece. Find something that is unique to you and make that your go-to statement. Don't fall into the trap of wearing a mass marketed item that everyone else wears as your statement. Because when you do, you just blend in.
You can totally search out a bigger, flashier piece of jewelry to wear that no one else is wearing. I make it a challenge - a game of sorts - to search through eBay and Etsy for original, one of a kind pieces that fulfill that requirement, and then I pin them on Pinterest since I don't make buying jewelry much of a priority at the moment.
I would love to see women get out there and dare to be different from the crowd in what they choose to wear. Are you one of those women?


  1. I used to have this necklace. I own one (in pink) and I even have numerous pins of it on pinterest. But you are right there came a point when it seemed like everyone owned it or a knock off and I kind of lost interest in mine and haven't worn it in months.

  2. Time to branch out and explore! I'm sure it looked great on you when you wore it. Let me know what you find to replace it.

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