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Friday, February 22, 2013

Most-Loved Pinterest Board?

I love Pinterest probably more than most. Instead of cutting out photos from magazines and gluing them to pages in a notebook, I can create mood boards, inspiration boards, or just plain silly boards without the hard work. In real life I don't collect much, but I guess a peek at my Pinterest page would indicate that I like to collect pins. Mostly I collect for personal creative inspiration, but still.

So I have been rather shocked lately by the amount of emails I get each week telling me that a certain Pinterest board has another follower. It's not one I hold dear to my heart. It's not one I turn to for inspiration, really. It's one I started as a personal challenge in response to what I felt about bubble necklaces, of all things.

It's the "Jewelry" board.

This (synthetic) emerald ring I found on eBay has been my most popular pin, scoring over 300 re-pins. It's beautiful, but I never anticipated it to catapult the board to rapid growth. Just goes to show that sometimes what you love most isn't always loved by everyone else, and what you thought was just a silly past-time can trigger unsought responses in others.

And just for the record, my favorite two rings on the board are this one and this one, although if someone were to get me that ring above, I wouldn't complain. And if I had to choose an awesome necklace to wear as a statement piece, I would go with the one below:

What about you?

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