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I'm Bekah Gant: writer, artist, wife, lover of fashion and design, experimental cook, seeker of beauty, imperfect Christ-follower. 

Welcome to Pretty Little Snippets. I'm so glad you're here.

Come in, sit down and get cozy, bring your cup of coffee or tea (or your glass of wine!), and join me in my wanderings of mind. I hope that these tangents of thought and imagination lead to many conversations full of laughter and tears, and to collaborations of fancy. 

We're all busy, so I appreciate you taking the time to stop by to visit. I do hope you'll introduce yourself in the comments as you find things that resonate with you. We'll be checking out worthwhile movies, discussing faith in the midst of the everyday, exclaiming together over color palettes and interior design, inspiring each other to keep up our workouts, putting together fun outfits, learning new (easy) recipes, discovering worthy causes both near and far, and exploring our creativity. The more the merrier, so please join in!

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