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Friday, February 22, 2013

Most-Loved Pinterest Board?

I love Pinterest probably more than most. Instead of cutting out photos from magazines and gluing them to pages in a notebook, I can create mood boards, inspiration boards, or just plain silly boards without the hard work. In real life I don't collect much, but I guess a peek at my Pinterest page would indicate that I like to collect pins. Mostly I collect for personal creative inspiration, but still.

So I have been rather shocked lately by the amount of emails I get each week telling me that a certain Pinterest board has another follower. It's not one I hold dear to my heart. It's not one I turn to for inspiration, really. It's one I started as a personal challenge in response to what I felt about bubble necklaces, of all things.

It's the "Jewelry" board.

This (synthetic) emerald ring I found on eBay has been my most popular pin, scoring over 300 re-pins. It's beautiful, but I never anticipated it to catapult the board to rapid growth. Just goes to show that sometimes what you love most isn't always loved by everyone else, and what you thought was just a silly past-time can trigger unsought responses in others.

And just for the record, my favorite two rings on the board are this one and this one, although if someone were to get me that ring above, I wouldn't complain. And if I had to choose an awesome necklace to wear as a statement piece, I would go with the one below:

What about you?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Bubble Necklace Needs to End

This is going to be unpopular (and feel free to tell me if/why I'm wrong), but I'm going to say it anyway. The Bubble Necklace needs to go away. If you're not sure what a Bubble Necklace is, here's J.Crew's version.


It's $150, so it has a lot of knock-offs. But that's not my issue with it. My issue with it is that it's supposed to be a statement necklace. Now, the sheer size of it makes it a statement, sure. The colors makes it a statement, true. What does not make it a statement is the fact that every girl and her sister are wearing it. When everyone starts wearing the same thing, the statement disappears and the fad shows up. I'm not a huge fan of fads.
My challenge to all you girls out there is to make a statement - a statement that really reflects who you are, that sets you apart from all the rest of the girls. Because each one of you is incredibly special and gifted and has something to offer. Get out there, out of your "Bubble," and be original. Invest a little in what you wear as your statement piece. Find something that is unique to you and make that your go-to statement. Don't fall into the trap of wearing a mass marketed item that everyone else wears as your statement. Because when you do, you just blend in.
You can totally search out a bigger, flashier piece of jewelry to wear that no one else is wearing. I make it a challenge - a game of sorts - to search through eBay and Etsy for original, one of a kind pieces that fulfill that requirement, and then I pin them on Pinterest since I don't make buying jewelry much of a priority at the moment.
I would love to see women get out there and dare to be different from the crowd in what they choose to wear. Are you one of those women?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I Wear - Red, White, and Blue

Like so many other girls this past year, I've gravitated toward stripes perhaps more than any other pattern. Striped short sleeve blouse, striped dress, and of course the navy and white striped bateau long sleeved shirt.
In an effort to work on my style resolution, I added more jewelry than I'm typically used to. And I liked it! The watch is from Asos, one of my favorite fashion sites. The bracelet was a gift from my dance teacher, and the ring is the first "real" ring I bought after my first job in retail. I found the great little clutch on clearance at Target just a couple weeks ago, and we're inseparable now.
The scarf I've had for years and have only recently started wearing it...a lot! I think I found it in a vintage shop somewhere. It has part of the Book of Kells written on it. The necklace is from Charlotte Russe.
On a side note, I'm really excited that my hair is finally growing out to a nice wavy bob. I've been waiting for this!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Style: Nails and Jewels

So over my extended stay away from blogging (sorry about that; needed more downtime than I originally thought) I took time to do silly, girly things, like watch Gossip Girl streaming on Netflix (I sheepishly admit. Seems I have a thing for teen fascinates me that people can be so conniving since I can't be bothered to take the time to be so even if I wanted to), read up on Stuff Parisians Like (Hilarious!), flip through magazines (Vogue has an excellent interview with Meryl Streep, fyi), and find fashion and decor inspiration from places other than the World Wide Web. It was good to get my head out of cyber space for a while.
One of the things I discovered while away was that I need to indulge my girly side a little more often. I tend to be minimal and classic with a lot of my clothing, but I'm finding myself drawn to be a little more edgy and pile on the glitz a bit more - to get out of my comfort zone. So one of my style resolutions this year is to accessorize more with jewelry. I already have a thing for brooches, but other than that, my jewelry is minimal.
Photo from Gal Meets Glam
I love this photo from Gal Meets Glam. It incorporates oodles of sparkle, not only in the skirt, but also in the jewelry. I would never think to layer on jewelry like that, but I must admit, it looks amazing. So I'm determined to at least try to make the look work for me without feeling like I'm trying to hard. The rings above are from JewelMint, which I recognized, having joined recently.  Their style assessment is fun, but I'm still learning to navigate the inventory. So I'm curious: where are your go-to places for jewelry? And how do you layer on pieces that work with your wardrobes?
The second thing I learned while away is that I really would like to paint my nails more often. I promise, I'm not shallow, but just having the time to do something simple like paint my nails and have them look good instead of beat up does wonders for my mood on difficult days. Remember, I don't normally paint my nails. I really went crazy and painted my nails a greige color over the break. I'm anal about repairing chips as soon as they happen, so I shied away from the bright colors, but I am craving a bright red or a deep plum color. Do you have tips for making a manicure last beyond two days? I'm all ears!
Tell me, do you have any style resolutions or challenges for yourself this year?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Frost Yourselves!"

I've just discovered Lulu Frost, the jewelry designs that took NYC Fashion Week by storm. If I could afford to keep quality jewelers in business, this would be one of my choices. Vintage pieces - even old Plaza numbers - are reclaimed and worked into statement pieces.
Art Deco earrings

Plaza Number Necklace
Bib Necklace